School Dress Code Bans U.S. Flag, Then Administration Backpedals Hard

What we meant to say was…

Students at Roseville High School in Roseville, Michigan, were given a dress code that prohibited the U.S. flag. Outraged parents contacted the school and the administration quickly clarified the requirement.

A packet was sent home to parents which stated, “A student’s dress should not interfere with the learning environment.” It listed prohibited wear, including tank tops, sagging pants, hats, low cut shirts, “see-through clothing,” and others. But it was the U.S. flag that had parents scratching their heads. One parent posted the paper online:

Parents could understand banning clothing that exposed too much underwear or skin, but not the flag. The school was inundated with complaints, and so they clarified what they meant on the school’s website:

An informational packet was mailed out this week with an error. We apologize for the incorrect statement that was in reference to the US Flag. The statement that was published should have specified that the flag should not be worn in a demeaning manner. Roseville has a long history of working with the VFW and other patriotic groups. We would never ban the appropriate display of the American flag. The exact language can be found on Page 34 of the Roseville High School student handbook which is available online.

Here is Page 34:

Note that it is not just “flags” there, but specifically the U.S. flag in the new announcement. 

While the school may be trying to cover their tracks by invoking the U.S. Code that states not to wear the flag out of respect, some parents aren’t buying it.

One posted on Facebook, “When letters get made and sent home before they make copies they proofread them several times. This is no accident they just realized that they have offended a lot of people and now want to try to fix their mistakes.”