RidenWithBiden Gets Rollin'

Hillary Clinton is the strongest candidate Democrats have fielded in years and she all but owns the 2016 presidential nomination.

Or, Hillary is the weakest candidate Democrats have been stuck with in years, mired in legal and ethical controversies that she'll be unable to overcome -- just like in 2008.

Uncle Joe Biden is banking on the second version and staying juuuuust close enough to the action in case Hillary suddenly implodes (which this longtime political reporter will predict almost definitely happens). 

And a slew of Democrats are already backing Crazy Joe. There's now a "Draft Biden 2016" campaign complete with merchandise, like stickers that say "I’m Ridin’ with Biden."

According to DraftBiden2016.com:

Draft Biden 2016 is excited to announce our new bumper stickers, designed by volunteer David Coleman. These are 4″ by 6″ oval full color with an EZ peel back and are union printed. Show your support for the VP!

Stickers are $5 and promote RunBidenRun.com. That, in turn, directs to DraftBiden2016.com. And there you can buy dog T-shirts, a dog hoodie, "Ridin’ with Biden" baby bodysuits, iPad sleeves and mousepads.