Report: Abducted Girl Rescued, Then Honor-Killed

This is Islam.

Is there anything more heartless and depraved than the Islamic practice of honor killing? Imagine being a victim of a heinous crime and rather than being consoled by your family in its aftermath, you are murdered for it. 

That is what allegedly happened to one Peshawar teenager who was found dead Wednesday. Police suspect her brother murdered her in an honor killing - and the details behind the tragedy are even worse. The Pakistan Tribune reports 

An officer at the Mattani Police Station told The Express Tribune that Kainaat, 17, was shot dead by Qaisar Khan, her brother. Later, Qaisar threw his sister’s body in a well at their home.

“The body is extremely decomposed as several days have passed since the murder. A Rescue 1122 team fished it out of the well after a lot of effort,” the officer added.

A resident of the area said the girl had gone missing when she was 12. He added that the girl was kidnapped by her relatives and sold several times. She was then forced into prostitution in Lahore. Her father kept searching for her and was finally able to find her.

The Mattani police had rescued the girl and returned her to her village. The resident said after the girl was rescued, she had identified the relatives who had kidnapped her when she was a child but they were never booked.

The police said Qaisar had accused his sister of having illicit relationships with some men and that could have been the motive behind the murder.

Of course, women's rights activists and human rights groups around the world are deafeningly silent.