Report: 60 Clinton Emails Flagged as Classified

Although Hillary Clinton denied sending any classified information via her homebrewed email server, the feds have found 60 messages so far that contained classified info, according to a State Department report.

State Department investigators found one e-mail containing classified information of an intermediate level, while the rest were at the lowest level of government confidentiality, an unnamed official told The Washington Times​ in a report published on Sunday​

The official said it will take months to go through all 30,000 emails that Hillary sent from her home computer.

Clinton still denied sending any classified email, instead blaming the email investigation on the "right wing."

"I never sent classified material on my e-mail, and I never received any that was marked classified," she said.

"The State Department has confirmed that I did not send nor receive material marked classified or send material marked classified," the former secretary of state added.

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) who is chairman of the House Benghazi Committee wondered why she spent so much effort wiping her servers ("triple washed") if there was no sensitive material there.

"The more energy she put into cleansing or wiping the server clean, I think your viewers should take or infer from that, that perhaps there's something on there she really didn't want us to see," he told Fox News.