Reason # 237 Why We're in This Mess: CAIR Met With Congress 325 Times Since 2016 Began

These are our leaders' priorities.

The reasons for how and why our Western leaders have imperiled their citizens are myriad -- and one of those reasons is perfectly illustrated here. 

The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), was named an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land terror funding trial and was also named by the Justice Department as a Muslim Brotherhood affiliate. The United Arab Emirates has even designated CAIR as a terrorist group. Yet that terrorist group has enjoyed 325 meetings with members of Congress since 2016 began. 

Clarion Project's Ryan Mauro reports: 

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a group identified by the Justice Department as a Muslim Brotherhood entity and designated as terrorists by the United Arab Emirates, boasts of having 325 meetings with members of Congress or their staff over the last year. 

The group says it also enjoyed $3 million worth free advertising through media appearances this year alone, resulting in 50 million views of its work.

CAIR’s fundraising video boasts that there were 14,000 mentions of CAIR on radio or television this year alone, and that it has a database of 1.6 million media contacts to use. The organization said it has 65 trained spokespeople, 29 offices and 35 full-time lawyers.

The White House’s director of community partnerships said in 2012 that there had been “hundreds” of meetings between U.S. government agencies and CAIR. However, CAIR was curiously left out of President Obama's Countering Violent Extremism Summit in 2015, even though other Islamists were invited.

Needless to say, CAIR branded the summit "Islamophobic" -- a term it invented, by the way -- over the snub.