Rare Truth: Melissa Harris-Perry Says Progressive Era Was Racist [VIDEO]

Conservatives have told this truth for years.

In a segment on her show today, MSNBC's progressive host Melissa Harris-Perry surprisingly admitted what is an historic truth about progressives and Democrats in general. That truth is that the era dominated and still celebrated by progressives was marked by racism and the belief in white superiority.

Conservatives have tried to tell this truth for years. Racists like the revered Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, believed the racial superiority of whites was simply a matter of "settled science" and they were being "realists" when they planned things like genocide through abortion to control the black population. The progressives believe in things like literacy tests for black voters, says Perry, as part of their philosophical belief, one that still dominates progressive thought, in benevolent rule of the enlightened minds. 

No one who has ever spent any time talking to what we call today the modern American liberal can have any doubt about what they believe. They worship their shallow, rock-star, celebrity-culture view of "Science!" and demand obeisance before it, sneering at the unwashed masses who dare question it. The "settled science" crowd has a deep and unrelenting urge to see society ruled and dominated by those whom they view as being, well, superior. While that may not be as prevalently decided by racial profile today, it was absolutely the same belief that drove the racism of progressives in their heyday. 

This is why there are books like What's the Matter With Kansas and why one hears terms like "fly-over country." It's the left's "New York values" shining through: "We the elites are fit to rule. The rest of you should just thank us for your bread and shut up. Unless you're black, in which case, forget the bread."

The progressive era was racist. And progressives today are pretty much the same. They just show it in different ways. A rare, if partial truth from Melissa Harris-Perry.