Planned Parenthood Suing Maker of Undercover Videos

"Planned Parenthood is going on the offensive."

Planned Parenthood is suing pro-life activist David Daleiden for going undercover to expose their illegal selling of baby parts in a series of videos.

The abortion conglomerate announced Thursday that it filed a lawsuit against Daleiden's fake fetal tissue company BioMax, which served as his cover during the video sting operations. 

"Today, Planned Parenthood is going on the offensive against those who would shut our doors," said Kathy Kneer, president of Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California. "This lawsuit is the result of a lengthy and careful process, in fact, we've spent months piecing together the web of deceit."

Planned Parenthood claims that Daleidan broke multiple laws, including a violation of confidentiality agreements when obtaining interviews. 

"The laws were clear – David Daleiden repeatedly and knowingly violated them," said Amy Bomse, a lead attorney representing the abortion giant. 

David Daleiden welcomes the lawsuit, saying he looks forward to exposing Planned Parenthood even further. 

"Game on. I look forward to deposing all the CEOs, medical directors and their co-conspirators who participated in Planned Parenthood's illegal baby body parts racket," Daleiden said Thursday.