Planned Parenthood to Give Hillary its First-Ever Endorsement

The least feminist candidate.

Planned Parenthood is getting behind Hillary Clinton in the organization's first-ever endorsement in a presidential primary, according to The Hill.

Planned Parenthood Action Fund, the nonprofit’s advocacy arm, is making the endorsement. Cecile Richards, the president of Planned Parenthood and a woman who believes that every woman should be able to decide for herself when life begins, declared,

“Let’s be clear — reproductive rights and health are on the ballot in 2016. This is about so much more than Planned Parenthood. Health care for an entire generation is at stake." 

Just not unborn children's health care.

Clinton, the Democratic nomination front-runner and the least feminist candidate, will officially accept Planned Parenthood’s support during a campaign rally Sunday in New Hampshire. She tweeted her thanks to PP for its support:

“I’ll take on Republicans or anyone who tries to interfere with women’s health. I am proud to have @PPact’s support in this important election."

“Yesterday was a preview of what would happen under a Republican president,” Hillary added, referring to House legislation that passed 240-181 Wednesday which includes language stripping federal funding from Planned Parenthood for one year. President Obama has vowed to veto the bill.

"Every single GOP presidential candidate would defund Planned Parenthood," Hill added.