Pepperdine University Latest Victim of Political Correctness Insanity

Remember when liberals were the ones who stood by controversial art?

Ever heard the saying, "the inmates are running the asylum?"  That's exactly what's happening on college campuses across America as student activists continue their hysterical war on American history.  The latest victim is Pepperdine University, where self-described marginalized students took aim at a statue of Christopher Columbus which has stood on the college campus for years.

Twenty-six students dressed dramatically in black and white ribbons to call out the Italian explorer's “celebration of genocide and racial oppression.” Unsurprisingly, University president Andrew K. Benton caved to the kids' demands: 

“Today, for many, including those within our campus community, stories of conquest and the art associated therewith are painful reminders of loss and human tragedy.” 

Wait, so now the college experience is to make sure that the students aren't reminded of "loss" or "human tragedy?" That'll be a fun challenge for history teachers, if they even offer that at Pepperdine anymore.

Sadly, the Columbus statue is only the most recent casualty of political-correctness-run-amok. Last year, Princeton removed a painting of Woodrow Wilson after students said (correctly) that Wilson was racist. This year, Yale renamed one of its residential colleges to no longer reflect the name of former Vice President John C. Calhoun, who supported the institution of slavery.  

The problem with scrubbing our institutions from all reminders of past evil is that history is not an easy story of good versus evil. Sometimes great leaders had incredible moral flaws. Sometimes, they held positions that, in the light of modernism, are abhorrent. But thinking through the complexity of history requires actual education.

Gee, President Benton...  know of a good place where students could get one of those?