Obama's Last Tango

We're going to show ISIS they can't sew fear in us! Now, let's dance!

President Obama has never taken ISIS seriously, but this has been an especially insightful week to witness his lackadaisical approach to that little nuisance he likes to call the "JV team."

So far this week, as Brussels burned under an ISIS suicide bombing, the president has taken in a baseball game and danced the tango. The cartoon above is probably the most succinct commentary on the matter at hand, but liberal outlets have also joined in on questioning if this was the best time to appear to be on vacation.

MSNBC's Morning Joe panel announced, "Baseball games and tangos, that's inconsistent with the seriousness of the day."


President Barack Obama dances the tango in Argentina. The #morningjoe panel reacts.Watch more: http://on.msnbc.com/1Zw3Z4X

Posted by Morning Joe on Thursday, March 24, 2016

Even Obama himself couldn't offer a strong defense on how he is handling the situation when he answered questions about taking the terror attack seriously in Buenos Aires, Argentina:

Groups like ISIL can't defeat us. They don't produce anything. They're not an existential threat to us. 

Their primary power, in addition to killing innocent lives, is to strike fear in our societies. And that is how we are going to defeat these terrorist groups. In part because we are going after them, taking strikes against them, and arresting them, and getting intelligence on them, and cooperating with other countries. But a lot of it is also going to be to say, "You do not have power over us."

Lukewarm, tepid, dismissive, uncaring… these are some adjectives that come to mind hearing the leader of the most powerful military in the world speak about a group that will go to any lengths to bring Europe, and any other country they can infiltrate, under Islamic law and slaughter anyone who disagrees. It's a little more than just spreading a little "fear," Mr. President.

There are only 10 months left in his presidency, so he had better hurry back before all the good tee times are taken.

But until then, Obama's tango debacle is going to gain as much traction as possible by his detractors. Another good mocking of Obama dancing came in the form of a mock ad about him and Hillary Clinton practicing her transition into office, announcing it as, "Hillary Clinton: Obama's third term." The super-PAC led by former UN Ambassador John Bolton offers this gem: