Obama To YouTuber: 'I’m Mostly Watching SportsCenter' in My Free Time

Is that what you were doing the night of the Benghazi attacks?

President Obama sat for a round of interviews with very popular YouTubers Thursday in an effort to reach millennials who get their news and information via YouTube and other social media outlets. 

In his sit-down with Bethany Mota the subject turned to the president's personal life and how he likes to spend his free time. President Obama confirmed what many have assumed: Whenever he has a moment to himself, he flips on ESPN: 


BETHANY MOTA: So, my audience have a lot of fun questions for you so we're going to do a quick lightning round.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Okay, lightning round, that means really quick.

MOTA: So, I know you have a lot to do, obviously.

OBAMA: Yes, I do.

MOTA: But if you have any free time, what TV shows or movies do you watch? 

OBAMA: You know, I'm really big on sports. The truth of the matter is, I'm mostly watching SportsCenter.

MOTA: Alright, alright.

OBAMA: Whenever I'm working out at the gym if there's a basketball or football game going on, I'm usually tuned in there.

MOTA: What did you want to be growing up?

OBAMA: I wanted to be a bunch of different things. I wanted to be an architect for a long time.

MOTA: Wow, nice.

OBAMA: And I suppose in the back of my mind at some point I thought playing in the NBA would be great, being a basketball player. That ended I think around the age of 13 when I realized I wasn't talented enough. 

MOTA: Awww.

OBAMA: It's okay. Things worked out pretty good.

Ms. Mota ended the interview by snapping a selfie with the president instead of asking the obvious follow-up question: "Sportscenter, really?  Is that what you were doing the night of the Benghazi attacks?"

Transcript via RCP