Obama Daughters Wear $40,000 in Dresses to State Dinner

The party of the people. They're just like us.

Proving that Democrats are "the party for ordinary folks," Barack and Michelle Obama's daughters wore dresses costing nearly $20,000 each to attend the state dinner honoring Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during his first visit to the White House.

Never mind the expensive custom dress worn by the first lady; Yahoo Style reported that Malia, 17, wore a 100% silk gown with crystal beading that retailed for $17,990. Sister Sasha, 14, wore an embroidered dress worth $19,990.

Any teenage girl in America would love to have such powerful and rich parents that can afford to either buy or borrow such expensive party wear. So, it's no fault of their own.

Yet this is another display of the disconnect between those in Washington and average, everyday people like the rest of us. The Obamas have consistently wracked up hundreds of millions of dollars in luxury vacations and dinners paid for by taxpayers, those "ordinary folks" the President likes to say his administration is fighting for. And every time Michelle Obama appears in front of a camera, she is wearing the latest from her favorite designer to the stars.

So, what does this say about a president and first lady that would willingly parade their daughters in front of a country in ridiculously expensive clothing while many children are living in abject poverty? Arrogant, to say the least.

But for socialites, elitism trumps any concern about lower and middle class families, especially when entertaining at your mansion paid for by the same.

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