NYT Deletes Islamic Proselytizing From Charlie Hebdo Massacre Story

Daily Caller catches NY Times lying to readers about attack

In an obvious attempt not to offend Muslims, the New York Times yet again went out of its way to cover up unwelcome facts — facts they actually reported themselves before stealth-editing their own story to remove uncomfortable details that shed more light on the religious motives of the terrorists who massacred twelve in Paris Wednesday.

The Daily Caller’s Jim Treacher caught the deceitful edit, which he says is just the latest example of the newspaper “censoring itself to avoid offending Muslims after an act of Islamic terror.” Here’s the original passage from Liz Alderman’s article “Survivors Retrace a Scene of Horror at Charlie Hebdo”:

Sigolène Vinson, a freelancer who had decided to come in that morning to take part in the meeting, thought she would be killed when one of the men approached her.

Instead, she told French news media, the man said, “I’m not going to kill you because you’re a woman, we don’t kill women, but you must convert to Islam, read the Quran and cover yourself,” she recalled.

Treacher explains that after reading the passage quoted elsewhere, he returned to the original story to read more. But the passage had been quietly — and significantly — revised:

Sigolène Vinson, a freelance journalist who had come in that morning to take part in the meeting, said that when the shooting started, she thought she would be killed.

Ms. Vinson said in an interview that she dropped to the floor and crawled down the hall to hide behind a partition, but one of the gunmen spotted her and grabbed her by the arm, pointing his gun at her head. Instead of pulling the trigger, though, he told her she would not be killed because she was a woman.

“Don’t be afraid, calm down, I won’t kill you,” the gunman told her in a steady voice, with a calm look in his eyes, she recalled. “You are a woman. But think about what you’re doing. It’s not right.”

“Nothing about telling her to convert to Islam,” writes Treacher. “Nothing about telling her to read the Quran. Nothing about telling her to cover her face.” The motives of the Islamist terrorists’ deliberately obfuscated.

So why delete details from the woman's firsthand account? Treacher says "that's easy":

Because you’re one of America’s moral, ethical, and intellectual betters, and you don’t want it to be true. Your reporter hastily left that inconvenient truth in her story by accident, so you airbrushed it out, without any acknowledgment, to preserve the narrative. You turned it into, “Hey, maybe these guys aren’t so bad after all. They didn’t kill the women, right? Let’s not be too hasty.”

Treacher later provided some updates to his story:

Update: In case you’re still confused…

@jtLOL Right on cue, other media outlets are distributing the sanitized, de-Islamized NYT version of the quote. http://t.co/UuA08UMToo

— John Hayward (@Doc_0) January 8, 2015

Update: From Radio France Internationale, translated into English.