No End in Sight to Student Occupation of Reed College

"Dissent is encouraged at Reed, but harassment is not.” Then do something about it.

The radical leftists who infiltrated the university system beginning in the 1960s and transformed it into a Progressive indoctrination center are now being devoured by the monsters they created.

Students at Reed College in Portland, Oregon, for example - perhaps the most "liberal" student body in the nation - have been occupying an administrative building for 12 days now, according to the Washington Times, demanding that the school divest from Wells Fargo Bank, with its corporate partnerships with private prisons and the Dakota Access Pipeline, and switch to a more "ethical" one.

The protesters, a gang of totalitarians called Reedies Against Racism, are so bullying that the school has had to close down its finance office this week, transport sensitive documents to a new location, and issue about two dozen no-contact orders against RAR for verbally harassing staff members.

“We condemn this behavior,” Reed College President John Kroger said in an Oct. 27 email to the campus. “This conduct violates the principles of respectful dialogue upon which this community is based. Dissent is encouraged at Reed, but harassment is not.”

Reedies Against Racism is notable for its years of protesting a required course in Western Civilization (naturally). The anti-intellectual thugs have demanded that the class “be reformed to represent the voices of people of color.” Check out this jaw-dropping account at The Atlantic of RAR's ongoing disruption of the course, and the backlash it's beginning to incur in students who actually wish to learn.


The Reed administration is apparently in talks with the protesters, but as the Washington Times notes, "there is no end in sight to the demonstration."

“We don’t assume we are going to agree any time soon, but we need to find a way to disagree productively so that we can honor each other’s positions and perspectives and try to find a path forward,” said Mike Brody, vice president of student services.

Actually, Mr. Brody, you don't need to find a way to disagree productively or honor the positions of radicals who are interested only in seizing power, not knowledge. The most productive thing for the school and for any students who are actually there to learn is simply to summarily expel the protesters.