New Yorker Cartoon Sums Up Exactly What Leftists Think About Trump Voters

Democrats are very bitter.

There is a new cartoon in The New Yorker which does an excellent job of summarizing exactly what elitist leftists think of the Red States.

A white man with a mustache is aboard a crowded plane. He rises from his coach seat and turns to the passengers: “These smug pilots have lost touch with regular passengers like us. Who thinks I should fly the plane?”

Most of the other passengers raise their hands.

This is how the Left sees the election of Donald Trump: The dumb people in the flyover states think they’re educated enough to dictate politics in the United States. The liberal elite is trying to lecture the perceived illiterate rubes. 

But as the Instapundit blog reacted, “Elitists gotta elite.”

The co-founder of The Federalist chimed in, too, with a string of tweets, reminding Democrats that it was their party taking the “regular folk” for granted for too long that led to its shellacking on November 8th:


Instapundit concluded:

Let me just add that our credentialed-but-not-educated elites have crashed the plane plenty of times. They always walk away unscathed afterward. The folks back in Economy Class, not so much.