New Fully Automatic Nerf Gun Making Liberals' Heads Explode

But what about the children?!

Nerf just made every kid's (this one included) dreams come true in announcing its first fully automatic foam ball shooter!

The Nerf Rival Khaos MXVI-4000 will hit stores this fall. It shoots 40 rounds per magazine, with each round capable of reaching speeds near 70mph thanks to its spinning fly wheels.

And everybody is happy… except, of course, the anti-gun crowd.

The progressives over at Mic were intrigued by the toy's coolness, but couldn't help but call the release of a full-auto gun marketed to children "curious" while the nation is embattled in "a contentious debate" over gun control where "automatic and semi-automatic weapons are at the center of that debate." (Somebody tell them that automatic weapons aren't really at the center. Thanks.)

They even scoured Twitter to find "a handful" (three, actually) of other like-minders who see a problem with this toy being sold to kids at a time when mass shootings are on "a dangerous rise."

One said, "This is absurd, and crosses the line," another, "Hmmm..gun problem in the USA? I wonder why?" And probably the best (worst):

Does the N in NRA stand for Nerf now?

It wasn't only the toy gun, or as they called it, "the ultimate Second Amendment loophole," that caused Mic to have concern for the children, it was a second announcement of Nerf's new "Battle Racer" -- a "tank" they called it:



Yeah, the tank looks cool, too. Mount a fully-automatic Khaos on the front? Domination of the neighborhood comes to mind!

Watch the drool-worthy demo of the Khaos below: