New Footage From Inside Truck During Oregon Militia Shooting

Officials claim shooting death justified.

New footage has been released of the roadside incident where FBI agents and sheriff's deputies opened fire on a truck and its occupants driven by Oregon militia member Robert "LaVoy" Finicum, who was shot three times in the back on January 26.

Authorities hope this new video, filmed by one of the passengers from inside the vehicle, will bolster their conclusion that the shooting death of the 54-year-old man was justified.

The new footage has been overlaid on top of the previous footage released by the FBI and the timing matched. While it gives a new perspective of what actually happened, the new angle doesn't include the moments after Finicum left the vehicle.

According to the official account, Finicum was believed to be reaching for his pistol before he was shot by the officers. The original footage seems to back up this claim, as it appears he lowered his raised hands towards his body several times. But not everyone is convinced.

By official count, eight shots were fired in all: two by the FBI and six by Oregon State Police officers. However, the video shows several more rounds being fired after Finicum is down; at least three accompanying muzzle flashes can be seen in the aerial footage. The three passengers remained ducked down and reacting emotionally during the incident.

USA Today reports that two FBI agents, who are members of an elite hostage rescue unit, are now being investigated for failing to report that they discharged their weapons at the scene, which may account for two bullet holes in the truck that so far had been unaccounted for.

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has expressed concern over this potential misconduct. Yet, investigators say Finicum was reaching for his weapon and they cite finding a loaded 9mm gun on his left side. Other charges include using his truck as a dangerous weapon as he careened towards a police road block.