More Bias on Display: CNN Scrubs Word 'Crooked' From Trump's Tweet on Hillary

Here we go again...

The anti-Trump media bias during our 2016 presidential election coverage is by now well established, but that doesn't mean we won't continue to expose the lies whenever new examples surface. 

Yet another instance of CNN blatantly manipulating information to suit Hillary Clinton has surfaced and is laid bare in its recent report on a Tweet in which Donald Trump referred to his Democratic rival as "crooked Hillary."

Below is Trump's original tweet from August, 28: 

Now view CNN's doctored image of the very same tweet, clearly purged of the word "crooked":


"Crooked" is the only word that was left out of both CNN's graphic of the Trump tweet and anchor Jim Sciutto's verbal report discussing the tweet. 

Of course, this is hardly a revelation. Ever since media awakened to the fact that Trump had become a formidable opponent of Hillary Clinton's, their attack-apparatus was engaged at full-throttle. 

Everything from cries of "racism" to raising questions about Trump's so-called "mental health" to Clinton-disciple David Plouffe calling Trump a "psychopath" this past Sunday on Meet the Press -- has all been the bread and butter of mainstream media coverage this election cycle. 

(h/t: Fox News)