Michelle Obama Releases New Girl Power Anthem: 'This Is For My Girls'

Nothing says "feminism" like a Missy Elliott rap.

The first lady of the United States can now put record producer on her resume. As part of her Let Girls Learn, Girl Rising, and #62MillionGirls campaigns, Mrs. Obama teamed up with Kelly Rowland, Kelly Clarkson, Zendaya, Missy Elliott and recording artists for a new feminist empowerment power anthem called "This Is For My Girls."

Written by legendary pop songwriter Dianne Warren and produced by AOL Makers, a digital platform offering "the largest video collection of women's stories," the song is being sold on iTunes with proceeds benefiting the Peace Corps Let Girls Learn Fund to help "break down barriers and stigma that prevent girls from getting the education they rightfully deserve."

Here is a sampling of the lyrics:

This is for my girls, all around the world / Stand up, pull your head up / Don't take nothing from nobody / You're someone who can be soft as silk but strong as steel / Don't shy away from showing what you're made of / This world is yours to take, you can bend but you won't break

The first lady accompanied the song's debut with a letter she wrote for Lenny, the website of vulgar feminist actor Lena Dunham. In the letter, Mrs. Obama says she sees herself in the girls of the world who are trying to reach their full potential. 

"Just imagine for a moment what it's like to be in their shoes," Obama writes. "Imagine being a bright, curious young girl with all kinds of ideas about what you want to be when you grow up. And then one day, someone taps you on the shoulder and says, 'Sorry, not you. You're a girl. Your dreams stop here. You have to drop out of school, marry a man 20 years older than you whom you've never met, and start having babies of your own.'"

"It's inconceivable, right?" she continues. "We wouldn't dream of accepting this fate for ourselves — or for our friends, sisters, or daughters. So why would we accept it for any girl on this planet — especially when we've got piles of research telling us that girls who go to school marry later, have healthier families, and earn higher salaries?"