Michael Moore: Pneumonia 'Serious,' Hillary Should Rest

"Let the rest of us pull the weight."

Propagandist Michael Moore's "forbidden love" for Hillary Clinton got a little more noticeable on Sunday when he expressed grave concern for his Fearless Leader's health after video surfaced of her fainting while staffers helped her into a van. 

When the video surfaced, Moore first took jabs at her staffers, saying they weren't helping Queen Hillary enough and were more focused on keeping the press away. 

After getting that off his chest and Hillary's doctor stated she had pneumonia since Friday, Moore took even more jabs at her campaign for keeping her health status secret from the public for three days. 

Though Moore has criticized Hillary as "Wall Street’s paid candidate," he still has supported her this election, and finally proposed that she take two weeks off from her campaign and allow her sycophants to "pull the weight."

Presidential candidate Donald Trump has largely responded to the news with class, wishing her well.

"It was quite sad, to be honest with you," Trump said on CNBC’s Squawk Box . "I hope she gets well soon. She was coughing very, very badly a week ago. This wasn’t the first time. I want her to get better, I want her to get out there. I look forward to seeing her in the debate."