Mark Halperin: If Trump Can Win By 5 pts, THEN He Can Say He Won NH

But only then.

Logic. It's a real problem these days, especially for those who work at MSNBC, which Mark Halperin does, in addition to other outlets. On MSNBC today, Halperin was discussing the Republican primary when he said that candidate Donald Trump can say he won New Hampshire if he wins by five or more points:

"If he wins by 5 or more, I think he can say 'I won the New Hampshire primary. That's historic.'"

Wut? If you win, then you win. This is like when Marco Rubio was declared the "real" winner in Iowa, even though Ted Cruz killed it and Trump came in second.

If Donald Trump wins by 1 point, then, as indicated by the word "wins" ... he won. 

Typical chattering class thinking.