Maher, Moore Sneak Onto LaGuardia Runway to Play Joke on Donald Trump

We’re all laughing... on the inside.

Liberal documentarian Michael Moore and Real Time host Bill Maher met up in New York on Sunday to watch a Mets game. While slurping down footlongs and chasing them with cotton candy, the two hatched a plan to sneak onto the tarmac of nearby LaGuardia Airport and ransack Donald Trump’s plane to see if they could find his tax returns. They would post about it on Twitter, and everyone would have a laugh. At least, that was the plan.

Maher and Moore somehow sneaked onto the runway and approached the private plane they had noticed parked at LaGuardia. Armed with a camera phone and a prop file folder, the two launched their caper meant to make a statement about the delayed release of Trump’s federal filings:





LOL! That's pure comedy gold. Now perhaps they can sneak onto Hillary's plane and swipe her medical records.

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