Look! A Boy in a Barbie Commercial

The newly-released doll is already sold out because it's "fierce."

It's the 21st century -- an age of gender fluidity and non-gender-based toys for children -- so why not a boy in a girl's doll commercial, right?

Barbie announced its Moschino Barbie prior to its November release with a commercial that prominently features a boy accessorizing the doll with a purse. He exclaims:

Moschino Barbie is so fierce! 

In his second appearance, a toy phone rings and he says, "It's for you, Moschino Barbie."

Moschino has peddled Italian leather fashion since the '80s.  With the release of the first Barbie bearing the company name, they promise her to be "totally hot, totally cool." And also, totally for boys and totally sold out. (Within an hour.)

Here's the ad: