Limbaugh: Watch Out Establishment, Reaganism Won Iowa

On his program today, Rush Limbaugh said that of the four winners last night in Iowa, three are Reagan conservatives. He did not include Trump in that number, though he characterizes Trump as an "outsider." He also adds that, because of that, it is not a win for the establishment, whom the Tea Party and Rush in particular have long said abandoned Reaganism.

Transcript via The Right Scoop:

The establishment’s out there going nuts, folks, thinking that they have made a giant recovery here. But at the end of the day, what do we have?  We have Rubio.  We have Ted Cruz.  And I’m gonna throw Ben Carson in because this is a crucial point.  We have two genuine disciples of Ronald Reagan in the top three places in Iowa.  We have a very strong outsider in Donald Trump, who is showing the way in illustrating how to oppose the establishment and what not to be afraid of.  And then we’ve got Ben Carson.  And I would have to say Ben Carson is a disciple of Ronald Reagan.  When I listen to Ben Carson talk, I hear Reaganisms.

I know I hear them when I listen to Cruz, and Cruz openly admits he’s a Reaganite.  Ditto with Marco Rubio.  So three of the top four finishers last night are Reagan disciples with a party that is urging — its establishment is urging — that we get rid of “the Reagan fetish,” that we finally realize “the era of Reagan is over.”  It isn’t.  It’s the salvation!  We have tried it the establishment’s way I don’t know how many years starting back in Bill Clinton’s era. We have tried it with the Northeasterner moderates.  I mean, we even nominated a nice guy, Mitt Romney.

We nominated a guy who was the architect of Obamacare on the premise that we’re gonna repeal Obamacare.  It was… This is one of those things Saturday Night Live makes jokes about.  Sixty percent of the Republican vote in Iowa last night went for two Hispanics and an African-American, and 100% of the Democrat vote went for a couple of tired, old, decrepit white people.

Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Ben Carson are, despite the war of words among campaigns and supporters, all three products of the Tea Party. They are products of the resurgence of Reagan conservatism. Donald Trump is definitely not in line with the Tea Party or conservatism, but is definitely an outsider who appeals to the same anti-establishment impulse to which the three Reaganites appeal. So the four of them together are an incredibly powerful rebuke against business as usual in Washington.

And as for establishment prospects going forward? Well just look at how Jeb did. Case closed, fellas.