Liberal Minister Tells Al Sharpton: Christians Invented a Jesus That’s ‘Too White’

Forget what the Bible says, listen to ME!

Sunday, a guest on Al Sharpton’s Politics Nation said American Christians invented a Jesus that is “too white” and have “forgotten what it means to be Christian.” She goes on to ignore two thousand of years of church theology to inform America who Jesus really was: a woke social justice warrior.

Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis introduces herself as a minister at a multi-racial church in Manhattan — the “very liberal Middle Collegiate Church, says Legal Insurrection — and said her congregation is “really clear” on how white people get biblical theology completely wrong.

“We say we follow Jesus into the world to heal it,” Lewis said of white Christian America. “But I’d like to think we follow Rabbi Yeshua in the world to heal it, because Jesus can be too white and, frankly, too empired for us to understand.”

We let Legal Insurrection respond here:

Empired? Is that even a word? Or is it a neologism of the sort left-wingers favor, to lend an intellectual gloss to their spiel?

Now, back to Rev. Dr. Jacqui, who reveals she isn’t learned in historical texts in any way, isn’t fond of the real, Jewish Jesus, and is just spouting off to the delight of Al Sharpton:

“The Jesus that is created by the white church blesses manifest Destiny; believes that might should win; believes because, quote, folks are chosen, that they get to have more money, more assets, more wealth, better education.

“But Rabbi Yeshua came to life in the Roman Empire; came to life as a religious minority; came to life as a brown-skinned Palestinian man who understood that he needed to resist.”

A Palestinian man? Jesus was a Jew, and there was no "Palestine" in his lifetime, but the left wants to redefine him as a Palestinian Arab in order to delegitimize Israel's claim to the Holy Land.

Blatant racism and historical revisionism -- would you expect any less willful ignorance on Sharpton’s show?