Leonard Pitts: White Christians Throwing 'Temper Tantrum'

"The idea of blacks, gays and women having rights and power is just too much"

Nationally Syndicated Columnist Leonard Pitts has decided that the best way for white Christian men to get over themselves and the societal power they used to have is for Hillary Clinton to be elected President.

Pitts, who won the Pulitzer prize in 2004, says that the increase in rhetorical rancor that dominates political debates is solely a byproduct of the disenfranchisement of the previously dominant demographic, according to a recent column

To combat this, Pitts reasons that a Clinton campaign and/or  Presidency would "send a much-needed message to those who are still waiting for America to get back to normal":

You know the definition of “normal,” right? A world wherein straight, white Christian men still call all the shots. That world has been under assault for the last 50 years and the pressure has only increased in the last 10 as gay people roll back restrictions of their human rights, as a black man with an exotic name makes an improbable ascent to the presidency, as a woman positions herself to make the same climb.

The political right has responded with apoplexy, a temper tantrum of epic proportions

That "tantrum", according to Pitts, includes the passage of recent laws that proponents say would protect the rights of individuals and business owners to not be compelled to violate their own religious beliefs. But of course, one man's religious freedoms are prejudiced policies to Pitts, and have less to do with the protections of one's own rights as they do with the suppression of others:

This temper tantrum, this screaming and crying and stamping of feet that now passes for dialogue on the political right, springs from nothing more or less than a denial of change, a refusal to accept the fact you cannot squeeze the paste back into the tube, and those who were once stuck in the closet, relegated to the back of the bus or kept in the kitchen have freed themselves from those constraints and will not go back again.