Left Freaks Out As NRA Puts Guns and Safety Into Remade FairyTales

Anti-gun nuts can't believe guns beat starving.

The NRA has introduced a new series to its NRA Family website and the mainstream media, AKA the left, is not too happy about it. Both CBS and the Washington Post profiled the new twist on fairy tales in which no one dies thanks to some solid firearms training.

Instead of Hansel and Gretel being kept captives by the witch, they free other children who are captives and feed their families thanks to their firearms and hunting knowledge. In Little Red Riding Hood we see Granny stave off the wolf with her shotgun. Both of the stories published so far -- there is a Three Little Pigs in the works -- preach a gospel of gun safety.

The two short remakes of the classic fairy tales published so far don't actually feature anyone being shot but that hasn't stopped the anti-gun crowd from denouncing them. CBS featured a spokesman from the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence and cited stats from anti-gun lobby group Everytown USA.

The Washington Post's profile on the short stories ran longer than the story of Hansel and Gretel, just 974 words, while the Post spent well over 1,000 words writing about the stories including 608 words from those attacking the very idea of the stories without seemingly bothering to read them. The Post quotes from the Brady Campaign, Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, Everytown and a series of random condemnations on Twitter.