Karl Lagerfeld: Trump Was Elected, so Deal With It

Fashion designer shocks the world by focusing on... fashion!

Remember when fashion designers were interested in clothing? Gosh that seems so 2015, doesn't it?

TruthRevolt reported yesterday about how fashion designers refused to dress Melania Trump for her husband's inauguration and everyone went nuts over their supposed courage. 

“The rhetoric of racism, sexism, and xenophobia unleashed by her husband’s presidential campaign are incompatible with the shared values we live by,” designer Sophie Theallet wrote, to much acclaim. “I encourage my fellow designers to do the same. Integrity is our only true currency.”

That's why I loved seeing Page Six report on Karl Lagerfeld's recent comments on the state of fashion and politics - and how ideally they really shouldn't affect each other:

“Fashion people are fashion, they are not politics,” he tells WSJ Magazine’s March issue. Referring to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, he said, “Maybe her clothes are horrible, but she is not in fashion, hmm?”

The designer reveals he “loved Michelle Obama,” and “Mrs. Trump is a very nice woman and pretty handsome. Good body, no? And this Ivanka is quite cute, no?”

He says, “I knew [Donald] Trump before, when he was not in politics. I’m not American, but he’s a democratically elected president … so people have to deal with it.”

My head is spinning. You mean to say there's a designer who cares more about clothing, the cut of the fabric, and the way garments fall on a person's body than her view on the variable tax rate?  

The fact that this is news shows the radical polarization of American society. Lagerfeld reportedly designed Melania's inauguration outfits, along with Ralph Lauren.

This caused Women’s Wear Daily to report breathlessly on the possible drama:

“The Lauren-Lagerfeld duet would prove a major coup for Melania . . . Conversely, for the designers, it’s a risk, as anyone dressing her, for a while at least, will become the object of a two-sided social media storm.” 

Looks like Lagerfeld can see past politics, can look at the actual clothing, and doesn't care a bit about what people think.