Kanye West Didn’t Vote, But ‘I Would Have Voted for Trump

He said he felt persecuted as a black man for supporting Trump.

In news that no one saw coming, the loud-mouthed, “George W. Bush hates black people” rapper Kanye West made a shocking claim mid-concert Thursday night that had he voted, he would’ve voted for Republican Donald Trump.

Kicking off the second leg of his Saint Pablo tour in San Jose, California, the husband of Hillary Clinton supporter and selfie brat Kim Kardashian set off a mixed reaction among his fans who said he often stopped the show to rant about politics and perhaps for as long as an hour! As he stood on top of a platform that dangled above the audience, West said:

“Now, I said something that was kind of politically correct. I told y’all I didn’t vote, right, but I didn’t tell you… if I would’ve voted, I would’ve voted on Trump.”

The roars of “boo” drowned out the sprinkling of whistles or applause the statement received. Someone even threw a shoe at him. “Am I not allowed to have an opinion?” he shouted back from the platform. As it turned out, it was one of his own design; the extremely expensive Yeezy shoes. West signed it and threw it back. He apparently addressed the negative reactions, saying, “There are Hillary supporters that may be louder, but MY fact is that there are people who voted for Trump here at the show.”

Most of what West said during his rants were posted to Twitter. 

The famous rapper said he was advised not to come out as a Trump supporter before the election. West added that he felt persecuted as a black man for supporting the Republican but now feels vindicated by the results.

West told the crowd that he “loved” Trump’s fresh approach and called him a “f—king genius.” He admitted to liking much of what Trump campaigned on and his debate performance. He also freestyled a new rap:

“I hope they build the wall, I hope they get rid of them all.”

In video below, West compliments Ben Carson and said he (and also the Clintons) should be an advisor to Trump. He told the crowd at some point that black people should stop focusing so much on racism because it’s just “a f—king fact [that] we are a racist country.” But he also said people should be allowed to say racist things because that's how you know who is and isn’t racist. West also reiterated that he plans on running for president in 2020 (perhaps as a Republican?):

Unhappy fans also tweeted their reactions:



West tried to assure his crowd that voters for Trump or Clinton should both feel safe at his show. 

His comments seemed sincere, so either this is a moment of personal revelation or perhaps he’s trolled us all! He does have Yeezys to sell, after all, and conservatives have jobs. So, we're just putting two and two together here.