Jesus Approves Abortion in Sarah Silverman PSA

"Fertilized eggs aren't people, people are people."

Heavy pro-abortion advocate Sarah Silverman has returned once again in a controversial PSA where she is visited by Jesus Christ -- who gives his stamp of approval on abortion.

The video, distributed by Silverman via YouTube,  begins with Sarah Silverman recalling a time when Jesus Christ paid her a visit to share his wisdom. In a flashback, Jesus appears in Sarah's living room and commands Sarah to spread his message to the people so that they will stop using his name for "intolerance" and "oppression." After Sarah reluctantly accepts his command, the two hang out for a bit and eat popcorn while watching episodes of NCIS. Then she asks him a deep philosophical question: When does life begin?

"At 40!" Jesus jokes as Sarah erupts into laughter. But then he gets serious and says, "Fertilized eggs aren't people, people are people."

A relieved Sarah replies with an emphatic, "Thank you!"

However, to keep with his message of peace, Jesus counters by saying, ""But people who believe fertilized eggs are people are people too. You have to love them. You're not better than them."

The flashback immediately ends, and we return to Sarah Silverman speaking to the camera as she gives a long-winded speech about why current measures to regulate abortion like mandatory ultrasounds violate a women's rights accompanied by comical cartoons. Sarah even goes so far as to compare unborn children to sperm by stating the following:

Fun Fact: Scientists have known for over a decade that sperm cells have a sense of smell. That means that sperm is alive...And you know what that means, that means we got to legislate that sh*t! We've got to protect the babies. We need a simple policy like say...if you think you're going to masturbate into a gym sock or jerk off into the shower drain, you would then visit your doctor, he would take a long needle shaped camera, and that would go up your penis shaft, and then down into the testicles. We need you to be awake during this procedure, because we want you to see all the millions and millions of babies that live inside your balls. You would not believe the amount of men who would not want to masturbate after that, it is truly inspiring.

Scientifically speaking, Sarah's comparing sperm to an unborn child does not equate. An unborn child has fully-defined DNA, all 46 chromosomes, and a gender. But Silverman's vulgarity overrides any judgment she purports to have.