Israeli Minister: Thank God Obama Is Leaving Office


Israelis are just as elated as sane Americans are that, in 17 days, Obama will vacate the Oval Office.

"In Obama's world view we have moved closer to peace, but during his term we have just gotten further from it," said Israeli Culture and Sport Minister Miri Regev in response to the president's betrayal of the Jewish State. 

"Thank God that Obama is finishing his term."

Speaking with Army Radio on Sunday, Regev noted Obama's hypocrisy, as "there have been more and more terror attacks in Berlin, Orlando and [yesterday] in Turkey.

"What does any of this have to do with the [Israeli] settlements?"

"It just cannot be the case that this is the way the President of the United States, who thank God is finishing his term, treats the State of Israel, as the weak link in the Middle East," the minister stated emphatically. 

While there is certainly a left-wing element in Israel -- and in the Knesset specifically -- Regev's comments encapsulate how the majority of Israelis feel about the Obama administration.

The Jerusalem Post reports that since the UN Security Council vote on December 23, Israel has collectively "expressed every emotion from shock, mostly in the form of dismay and plain outrage, with comment and condemnation from ministers, government officials and of course from the Israeli public."

Of course Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has expressed his eagerness to work with President-elect Trump and his disdain for Obama's "anti-Israel" betrayal.

According to the New York Post President-elect Donald Trump's team has been "aggressively" courting Netanyahu to attend the inauguration on January 20. If Netanyahu were to attend, it would send a powerful signal to Israel's enemies and allies alike: that a new dawn has arrived and that, for at least the next four years, there is an American president in power who truly has Israel's back.