Islam to Get Special Protection in Canada Through ‘Blasphemy’ Bill


Canada continues to suffer under the liberal leadership of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Now, thanks to a bill labeled as “anti-blasphemy,” special protections are given to Muslims to ensure they don’t experience “Islamophobia.”

As ZeroHedge reports, Muslim liberal MP Iqra Khalid filed Motion M-103 to Canada’s parliament to “develop a whole-of-government approach to reducing or eliminating systemic racism and religious discrimination including Islamophobia.”

A CitizenGo petition which has 80,000 signatures warns, “This motion uses the term ‘islamophobia’ without defining it, and without substantiating that there is in fact any such widespread problem in Canada. This will lead to ideologically-driven overreach and enforcement against alternative points of view—including mature, reasoned criticisms of Islam.”

The petition seeks to urge members of parliament to retract the bill since it ignores “hostility toward other faiths, such as Christianity or Judaism.”

Critics say that M-103 isn’t actually about condemning religious discrimination, but “about prioritizing Islam and providing it a preferential place in Parliament.”

“The motion will encourage legislation that would criminalize speech deemed ‘Islamophobic’ and lay the groundwork for imposing what is essentially a Sharia anti-blasphemy law on all of Canada,” the petition continues. “If that happens, criticism of Islam would constitute a speech crime in Canada.”

The vote will occur in April and so far, this petition has garnered more signatures than the one that is pro-M103. Critics hopes the momentum continues in their favor, otherwise, as former MP Pierre Lemieux said, “Do you have a valid concern about Islam? Do you disagree with Sharia Law? Uneasy about radical Islamic terrorism? The Liberals may very well classify you as Islamophobic.”