ISIS Loves the Second Amendment - Easy for Recruits to Buy Guns

Freaked-out media ready for gun control.

A former Islamic State recruiter is speaking from his jail cell in Germany about how “dumb” America’s gun laws are when it comes to the terrorism trade. 

Harry Sarfo, a German recruit, is used to strict European gun control laws and that’s why he calls our laws “dumb.” However, he, and recruiters like him, appear to love the Second Amendment because of the ease in which a new fighter can obtain a weapon in the States:

“For America and Canada, it’s much easier for them to get them over the social network, because they say the Americans are dumb — they have open gun policies. They say we can radicalize them easily, and if they have no prior record, they can buy guns, so we don’t need to have a contact man who has to provide guns for them.”

This was obviously troubling to The Washington Times whose report began discussing the “risk factor” of having “easy and legal access to weapons that can kill a lot of people in a short time.” But in the terrorism game, guns are readily available with or without strict gun laws. They’d know that already if they were paying attention.

Adam Gadahn, an American al-Qaeda recruiter (killed last year in a drone strike), was quoted by WaPo telling his recruits something similar to Sarfo from back in 2011:

”America is absolutely awash with easily obtainable firearms. You can go down to a gun show at the local convention center, and come away with a fully automatic assault rifle without a background check and most likely without having to show an identification card. So what are you waiting for?" 

Of course, you CAN’T walk away from a gun show with a fully-automatic weapon without a background check (and some serious cash) but it sure sounds scary for the narrative.

It's clear that ISIS and other terror organizations aren’t just looking for guys with squeaky clean records. It says so right in the report that ISIS “actively” seeks out recruits with criminal records for the basic reason that they’re good at crime and have access to fake IDs, not to mention can easily smuggle illegal weapons all around the world. Yet, WaPo is happy stirring its liberal readers into a frenzy, seemingly siding with Sarfo calling our laws “dumb.”

And the facts are in plain sight in the report: the attacks in Paris last year -- carried out with smuggled firearms. The recent attack in Nice -- no firearms were needed, legally or illegally, as the terrorist used a rented truck to do his mass killing. But WaPo made sure to contrast those with how easily and legally the San Bernardino terrorists and the Orlando terrorist acquired guns in America for their rampages. 

Top it all off with an intimidating picture of, count them, three AR-15s and you’ll spawn a genuine mass liberal freak-out. Mission accomplished.