Hillary Launches Anti-Trump Resistance Group to Advance Her ‘Progressive Vision’

She's not done trying to defeat Trump.

Hillary Clinton has launched a nonprofit political resistance group she promised is “dedicated to advancing the progressive vision that earned nearly 66 million votes in the last election,” reports USA Today.

Monday on Twitter, Clinton announced she’s back — out of the woods and encouraging others to “resist, insist, persist, enlist.” But instead of being “with her,” Clinton now wants supporters to join her and go “Onward Together:”



From USA Today:

The group is poised to help fund some of the organizations at the forefront of liberal efforts to push back on President Trump's agenda and to seize seats from Republicans in Congress. Clinton said Onward Together will support groups such as Swing Left, which is working to elect Democrats to the House, and Indivisible, a rapidly expanding organization of anti-Trump activists who are using tactics borrowed from conservative Tea Party activists to oppose Trump and to challenge congressional Republicans at town hall meetings.

In a series of tweets, Clinton shared more details of the groups and individuals she is working with, including former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean, to fight for “a kinder, big-hearted, inclusive America:”

"In some cases, we'll provide direct funding to these organizations," Clinton said. "For others, we'll help amplify their work and do what we can to help them continue to grow their audiences and expand their reach."

Republican National Committee spokesman Michael Ahrens put Clinton’s announcement in the proper perspective, even using her new slogan against her:

"The American people rejected Hillary Clinton six months ago because she's completely out-of-touch, untrustworthy, and embraced the failed policies of the past. If Democrats were smart, they’d realize it’s time to move onward from Hillary Clinton altogether.”

Conservative Twitter seems to agree: