Hillary Clinton Lectures on Failures of Journalists

Says media too focused on "entertainment"

Hillary Clinton told an audience at the University of Connecticut Thursday that journalism has become too focused on entertainment, at the expense of more relevant facts.

According to an article on CNN's PoliticalTicker, Clinton warned that "journalism has changed quite a bit in a way that is not good for the country and not good for journalism."

Clinton told the Connecticut crowd that journalism has become too focused on the frivolous, rather than the factual:

A lot of serious news reporting has become more entertainment driven and more opinion-driven as opposed to factual. People book onto the shows, political figures, commentators who will be controversial who will be provocative because it’s a good show. You might not learn anything but you might be entertained and I think that’s just become an unfortunate pattern that I wish could be broken.

Clinton's tenure as Secretary of State was marred by the death of four U.S. personnel at the US embassy in Benghazi, Libya. The reporting immediately following the attack on the embassy focused on a narrative, later proved incorrect, that it was based on an offensive film that had been released in the U.S. Clinton has long since dismissed follow up efforts, both journalistic and Congressional, to investigate the matter further.