Hilarious Parody: The Real Housewives of ISIS

Fatwas are sure to be issued on this one.

A BBC2 sketch comedy show called Revolting has brilliantly parodied the Real Housewives of __ American reality TV series by showing us what it’s like to be one of The Real Housewives of ISIS.

The sketch opens in Syria where several women from the UK have moved to be with their jihadist husbands after being radicalized on the Internet and proceed to have whatever problems and frustrations ISIS housewives experience.

“It’s only three days till the beheading, and I’ve got no idea what I’m going to wear,” Afsana complains.

Mel informs us, “Abdul seduced me online. He had me at ‘free healthcare.’”

“So, this is my sixth marriage. I’ve been widowed five times,” Zaynab says before being rocked by a nearby bomb blast. “Six times,” she corrects.

But it’s not long before trouble arises and two of the ladies show up wearing the SAME suicide vest. A fashion faux pas for sure!

Sadly, though, even in Syria the social media culture among Islamic terrorists is inundated with hashtags and “ISIS emojis.”

“Ali bought me a new chain… which is 8-foot long,” Zaynab says in a promo for next week’s program. “So, I can almost get outside, which is great!”

It’s good to see this kind of political incorrectness being broadcast on British public television because it could never happen here. CAIR wouldn't allow it.