Greta Scolds Jorge Ramos for 'Insulting' Obama with 'Deporter-In-Chief' Comment

Greta van Susteren did not like the way Univision/Fusion host Jorge Ramos interviewed President Obama, especially calling him "deporter-in-chief." Van Susteren called it "insulting."

Greta prefaced her remarks by saying the President has done a lousy job on immigration. She went on to say, "But to call him 'deporter-in-chief' was so insulting. He is the President of the United States."

During the heated back and forth between host Jorge Ramos and Obama, Ramos brought up that Obama had been called 'deporter-in-chief' by critics. Obama fired back that Ramos himself had used that phrase.

Van Susteren continued on to say about the interview, "I thought the anchor was insulting to the president. It’s one thing to ask tough questions, but I think it’s insulting."