Gary Oldman Rails Against Hollywood's Liberal PC Agenda; Praises Krauthammer

"We all hide and try to be so politically correct."

In an explosive Playboy interview, actor Gary Oldman railed against Hollywood's liberal, hypocritical political correctness. 

Apparently the recent public travails of actors Alec Baldwin and Mel Gibson provided the instigation for Oldman's profanity-laden rant where he sharply pointed out what liberals Bill Maher and Jon Stewart can get away with and what he would get condemned for: 

“Well, if I called Nancy Pelosi a c***—and I’ll go one better, a f****** useless c***—I can’t really say that. But Bill Maher and Jon Stewart can, and nobody’s going to stop them from working because of it. Bill Maher could call someone a f** and get away with it. He said to Seth MacFarlane this year, ‘I thought you were going to do the Oscars again. Instead they got a lesbian.’ He can say something like that. Is that more or less offensive than Alec Baldwin saying to someone in the street, ‘You f**’? I don’t get it.”

Salon points out Oldman's comments about Mel Gibson's infamous anti-Semitic rant got him in trouble because Hollywood is a town "run by Jews."

“Mel Gibson is in a town that’s run by Jews, and he said the wrong thing because he’s actually bitten the hand that I guess has fed him – and doesn’t need to feed him anymore because he’s got enough dough. He’s like an outcast, a leper, you know?  But some Jewish guy in his office somewhere hasn’t turned and said, “That f****** kraut” or “F*** those Germans,” whatever it is? We all hide and try to be so politically correct. That’s what gets me.”

The Daily Mail highlights a portion of the interview where Playboy asks Oldman if he's a bigot because of his remarks: 

Working class Londoner Gary, who is the son of a welder, said: "No, but I’m defending all the wrong people. I’m saying Mel’s all right, Alec’s a good guy. So how do I come across? Angry? It’s dishonesty that frustrates me most. I can’t bear double standards. It gets under my skin more than anything."

Oldman also had kind words for fellow Brit David Bowie as well as Fox news analyst Charles Krauthammer: 

PLAYBOY: Who speaks the truth in this culture, in your opinion?

OLDMAN: There are a number of people. A voice I particularly like is Charles Kraut-hammer. I think he’s incredibly smart. I think he’s fair, very savvy and politically insightful, so I enjoy watching him. There are artists as well, like David Bowie, where there’s an autonomy. He recorded his most recent album and didn’t even announce he was doing it. He was in a position where he thought, Listen, I haven’t produced anything for 10 years. If this is no good, then I can just put it in a cupboard and no one need ever know. But he wrote the songs, picked the cover. I’ve always admired David. I’ve known him about 30 years. We’re friends. And David can constantly reinvent himself because he’s so talented. He has a point of view.