Future of Obamacare? Britain's Doctors Strike Over Contracts, Patients Left Without Care

"Risks the safety of many patients."

England is currently experiencing what could be a glimpse into the future of America under Obamacare.

British doctors are once again striking against the country's National Health Service because the government is "chronically" underfunding the nationalized health program and junior doctors are feeling the worst of the pinch. Since an agreement can't be met, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt is warning that patient's health will be at risk. According to reports, 125,000 operations and appointments have been canceled due to the doctor shortage.

One of the doctors recently appeared on Good Morning Britain and resigned on air. Dr. Ben White said he was stepping away as a junior doctor and was headed to "fight for the future of the NHS." White said he was doing so "on behalf of my patients:"



According to the BBC, the government believes the junior doctors are "trying to bring down the government" by engaging in a strike to renegotiate contracts with the members of the British Medical Association. But what is worrying for patients is that their medical care is now in the hands of "consultants and middle-grade doctors" who are now covering all intensive care, maternity, and emergency wards, according to the report.

This could very well be a "crystal ball" moment for the U.S. in seeing what the future might look like under the Affordable Care Act. As TruthRevolt has previously reported, the increased federal regulations and taxes under Obamacare are already leading to a doctor shortage and forcing health insurance providers to drop coverage after billions in losses.

Obama's America continues to look more and more like Europe, and the outcome is grim.