Fox’s Bartiromo Debut Beats CNN’s Zakaria, MSNBC’s Harris-Perry Combined

The debut of “Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo” Sunday not only won its time slot, but earned more total viewers in the 10 a.m. hour than CNN’s Fareed Zakaria and MSNBC’s Melissa Harris Perry combined.

MediaBistro reports that Bartiromo’s new show provided Fox News its third-highest A25-54 rating for the time slot this year, earning 312,000 in the demo and 1,078,000 viewers overall.

Meanwhile CNN earned just over half that number with 169,000/643,000 viewers while MSNBC performed similarly in the A25-54 category but far worse in total viewers, 168,000/391,000.

"Money Honey" Bartiromo formerly served as an anchor for CNBC, citing a long friendship with Roger Ailes, a salary increase, and growing internal problems at CNBC as reasons for her move to Fox. As she told The Daily Beast a few days before her Fox debut, frustrations and increasing pressure at her former network ultimately inspired the move:

There was always a major pressure on me to have lot of people on at once. I mean, you turn on CNBC today and you see, like, six boxes all the time, and every conversation is a debate to bring heat. I was frustrated that I was forced to have all these people on the air at once, and then you only give the segment six minutes--so everybody gets, like, 30 seconds…That was what people wanted in the ‘90s, but today I really do feel that audiences want something different.

As for CNN's much-maligned over-coverage of the missing Malaysian Airlines flight, it continues to pay ratings dividends. CNN came in first overall in both Saturday and Sunday total viewing.