Fmr Colin Powell Aide on MSNBC: Biggest Threat to Christians in Mid East — Jews

Is that right?

Retired United States Army Colonel Lawrence Wilerson and the former chief of staff to Colin Powell when he was secretary of state told MSNBC’s Joy Reid on Sunday that Jews pose the biggest threat to Christians in the Middle East.

Wilkerson criticized Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government for provoking danger in the region.

“The pressure is building incrementally,” Wilkerson said. “Bibi Netanyahu and his government have been moving to make sure that the pressure builds -- the tension builds. The ultimate goal with regard to the mosque is to drive the Palestinians and Arabs in general out completely.”

Wilkerson continued with no pushback from Reid:

“I recall that when we were working with then Yasser Arafat -- in Ramallah in 2002 or '03 as I recall -- a Catholic bishop actually told me that the biggest enemy for him -- for Christians -- in that region was not the Arabs, it was the Jews. So we have a real problem with this government. We don't have a problem with Israelis in general, but, with this government which they don't seem to be able to rid themselves of.”

Reid responded, “And we know the annexation of the West Bank and of all of Jerusalem has been a goal of the Likud government -- of the current Israeli government. Jared Kushner is supposedly in charge of this -- in charge of Middle East-peace. And I'm wondering if Netanyahu's conception that they have a free hand now -- a Washington that now completely backs them up no matter what they do -- has an impact on the way that the Netanyahu government then behaves.”

These statements come just 10 days after three Arab terrorists killed two Israeli police officers on the Temple Mount. Since the attack, and for the first time since the late 60s, Jews and Christians have been able to gather to pray unhindered by Muslims who typically patrol the site and keep non-Muslims at bay.

But, sure, Jews are the real problem.

Newsbusters has a clip: