FLASHBACK: Condoleezza Rice: Removing Statues is ‘Whitewashing History

"My view is that it's actually not our heritage, it's our history.”

As the calls for erasing America’s racist past continue being shouted from coast to coast, it seemed appropriate to repost a video of an interview with former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice from just a few months ago when Confederate statues were coming down around the south. And since this has become our new normal, what she said bears repeating.

Speaking with AL.com, Rice, an Alabama native who grew up in Birmingham during the civil rights era, said she doesn’t think “whitewashing history” is a good thing:

“I, myself, am not much for whitewashing history. I don’t like the renamings. I don’t like the taking down the various monuments.

"My view is that it's actually not our heritage, it's our history. We as a people have, thankfully, moved on. But if you forget your history, then you are likely to repeat it.”

The only thing Rice is okay with is taking down Confederate flags that fly at state houses, as former Gov. Nikki Haley did at the South Carolina capitol building.

“That was the battle flag of the defeated Confederacy. That’s a different matter,” she said. “But these historical figures — we need to remember who they are, what they stood for, and why we’ve moved on.”

According to a Marist Poll conducted after Charlottesville, 62 percent of Americans say Confederate statues should remain on public land as historic symbols, while 27 percent want them gone. Eleven percent are unsure.