FLASHBACK: Bill Clinton Officiated Weiner Wedding

That should’ve been a sign, right there.

The picture above is not an easy one to find, but thanks to the 2016 documentary Weiner, it surfaced once again as a reminder that the Anthony Weiner/Huma Abedin wedding officiated by none other than Bill Clinton was, perhaps, doomed from the start.

Like former President Clinton, Wiener is a chronic adulterer, having just been caught for at least the third time sending pictures of his nearly naked body to women not his wife. So, it’s easy to see why a photo featuring these two men together, especially on such a solemn occasion, would be suppressed in the media. A search for it was fruitless, and the photo above is a screenshot from the documentary.

But the media has never raised an eyebrow over Clinton presiding over this marriage. In fact, to them, it was a storybook wedding and even when Weiner was caught the first couple of times sexting to multiple women, they were very kind to the Democratic power couple, much in the same way they’ve given the Clintons multiple passes for their wrongdoings. 

Newsbusters documented instances when the media gushed that Abedin was exhibiting a “new feminism” by standing by her pervy husband because, you know, that was her decision, or when they brushed off the sexting scandals because, who cares, teens do it all the time. Even worse, when Weiner’s first sexcapade broke, the media attacked the late Andrew Breitbart for exposing the story of a man who exposed himself to women. 

Now, that’s some irony there.