Feminists on Ivanka Getting Harassed: She Had it Coming

"She can handle some IRL criticism."

According to feminists, Ivanka Trump getting harassed by a belligerent jerk in front of her three kids while on an airplane was poetic justice.

Rather than defend Ivanka against what they would classify as "mansplaining" for anyone else, the feminists claim that Ivanka had it come, and feel no shame over her kids having to witness it. As noted by Daily Wire, Trump's "small grandchildren are apparently fair game for leftists." 

Firing the first shot was "free tampons" enthusiast Jessica Valenti of The Guardian, who tweeted of the incident: " Ivanka will arguably be the most powerful woman in the world, counseling the most dangerous leader. She can handle some IRL [in real life] criticism."

She continued: " You don't get to power an administration that's going to hurt people's health, lives and families & not hear back from those people."

Then Valenti launched labeled it "sexist" for people to demand she defend Ivanka from harassment. Paul Joseph Watson of InfoWars couldn't help but point out the irony: 

Shortly thereafter, the hordes followed suit, including Slate's resident race-monger Jamelle Bouie: