ESPN's Smith to University Students: 'Racism Doesn’t Exist' For You

NOT what they were expecting to hear.

ESPN radio host and columnist Stephen A. Smith addressed students earlier this week at the University of South Alabama on “The Legacy, History and Impact of the African American Athlete” as part of the school’s commemoration of Black History Month.

But according to Newsbusters, the message he delivered wasn't exactly one that some students may have been expecting. The school's student newspaper The Vanguard reported that the outspoken Smith, who is black but often accused by Democrats of being an Uncle Tom, said:

Racism doesn’t exist. Obviously, I’m lying. Of course it exists, but not for you. See, you don’t have to go to the back of the bus. You’re not denied the opportunity to eat at restaurants, or to enter night clubs, or to patronize businesses. You have the right to vote. You’re not being lynched. You’re not being hung. You’re not going through the trials and tribulations your ancestors, recent and far beyond recent endured so you can sit here today.

He went on to acknowledge that older black students have experienced racism:

You’re older, you know I’m not talking about you. But youngsters, you need to understand that white folks got problems, too. Some of them can’t pay their bills. Some of them are struggling. Some of them are being denied opportunities. And you need to understand that, because when people are going through their own problems, they are not going to lament what your trials and tribulations are.

No doubt this speech outraged those who believe blacks shouldn't stray from the left's victimization plantation. But Smith is his own man.