Editor Fired for Questioning Third Gender Option on Driver's License

"Why is it awesome?"

Denis Finley, former editor of the Burlington Free Press in Vermont, was fired from that job for daring to ask why people considered it "awesome" that the state is considering adding a third option for gender on their state's driver's licenses. 

When somebody tweeted that it was awesome, Finley responded:

Left-wing Twitter was triggered, so Finley decided to ask about it. 

Seems like a reasonable enough question. Just kidding, you're fired if you agree with me. Asking why this guy felt the way he did is clearly disgusting. 

USA Today, which owns the Burlington Free Press, said that Finley was fired because he "violated the company’s social media guidelines on a number of occasions" by not meeting standards of "objectivity."

It's funny how that never seems to apply to those on the left, isn't it?