Dems Still Think They Won Georgia Election, Spicer Sets Them Straight

Democrats are so desperate for good news, even their losses are wins.

Despite the confidence within the Democratic Party that Jon Ossoff was going to be its “Trump slayer,” he lost the Georgia special congressional election. But even then, the leftist media couldn’t accept defeat and spun out of control calling it a victory nonetheless.

Heck, Ossoff himself called it a “victory for the ages,” win or lose (see above).

Thankfully, White House press secretary Sean Spicer set them all straight:

“I thought that some of the coverage was a little intriguing as I watched it....Democrats went all in on this race. They spent over $8.3 million. They said on the record that their goal was to win this race. They lost. And the reaction has somewhat been, you know, that they almost won. No, they lost.”

But Spicer continued receiving pushback in the press room, spurring him to repeat, “They said that their goal last night was to win the race with over 50%… They didn’t run for a runoff, they ran to win last night, and they lost.”

“And so, anything sort of describing that as a loss is – is sort of inconceivable to me in the sense that that’s literally what they said their goal was to do,” Spicer continued in disbelief. “They put all the money that they had in there, they put all the firepower, and they came up short. So, it’s a loss.”

Sometimes you have to put it in plain English like that when you have MSNBC calling Ossoff’s loss a “symbolic victory,” or Good Morning America calling it an “emotional victory,” or NBC’s Today claiming Ossoff nearly pulled off a “shocking upset” which served as an “ominous sign” for the GOP.

Or, maybe it's just a loss.

H/T Newsbusters