Daily Beast's Clift: Beyonce Halftime Show Did a Beautiful Job Tracing Black History

Of course she thinks that.

The liberal media is still fawning over Beyonce's Super Bowl halftime show, with Eleanor Clift of The Daily Beast praising it as a "brilliant" way of tracing black history in America. 

During an appearance on Friday's McLaughlin Group, Clift said that she found Beyonce's show "terrific" and that the artist did a "beautiful" and "brilliant" job "tracing black history":

"I watched it, thought it was terrific," Clift said.

"Had — I didn’t really get all the symbolism, and I think that she did a beautiful job of basically tracing black history, from the middle of the last century on up until today. And also, drawing attention to a — really a shooting of a young man in — right around where the Super Bowl arena was. He was shot 15 times, and trying to surrender. So, there are some real issues here, that people who have trouble with it are basically, the right wing media, Rush Limbaugh, and law and order Rudy Giuliani. That’s about it."

She later added, “The Panthers were the cultural underpinning for some of the reactions that we’re seeing today, and I think she did a brilliant job of sort of tracing, you know, 65 years of history, in a kind of sensational way.”

Interesting that in all that history-tracing, nary a reference was made to Dr. Martin Luther King, nor any of the strides made by members of the Civil Rights movement who embraced his message of peace, dignity and self-respect. After all, that's not the kind of "history" that incites division or generates publicity.