Court Says Nuns Must Provide Contraception Under Obamacare

Circuit Court Ruling

The Tenth Circuit Court ruled on Tuesday that even Catholic nuns must provide birth control as part of their insurance coverage under Obamacare. The Little Sister of the Poor, a Roman Catholic organization that looks after the elderly and poor, claimed that providing contraceptive coverage, even to non-celibate employees of their organization, would violate their faith. 

On Tuesday, the court said no.

Appearing on Fox News with Megyn Kelly, Mark Rienzi of the the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty which is providing legal counsel for the sisters said his hope lies with the Supreme Court.

"So far the Supreme Court has been willing to protect people from having to make that kind of awful choice and we hope that's what continues," Rienzi said.

"No one wins if the Little Sisters of the Poor are forced to either give up their ministry or to violate their Catholic faith. They should be allowed to just go on helping those elderly poor people and the government should go give out contraception in some other way than on the backs of Catholic nuns," he added.

Kelly said that if the Supreme Court does not take this case and overturn the ruling, "It's going to be a major PR disaster for the administration."