Cornel West to Blacks: Don't Confuse 'the Gravy Train with the Freedom Train'

Hillary Clinton is a "Wall Street Democrat."

Professor Cornel West campaigned for Senator Bernie Sanders on CNN with Anderson Cooper on Wednesday night. West described Hillary Clinton's popularity among African Americans as an issue of “a neo-political, black political class that confuses the gravy train with the freedom train.”

“I think part of it is we’re in a paradox,” West told Cooper. “Black people have been the most progressive group when it comes to social justice. No doubt Bernie Sanders is the most progressive when it comes to social justice. He’s not tied to Wall Street in any way. […] And he doesn’t use the language of our dear sister Hillary Clinton when she talks about young black youth as super-predators.”

West called Clinton a "Wall Street Democrat."

“We can understand the black elites sometimes pulling back,” West said, because Sanders was passionate “about accountability in terms of elites no matter what color. That’s why I’m with him, my brother.”

CNN contributor, Bakari Sellers argued with West saying Clinton had a more nuanced understanding of economics.  West responded, and it was “just lip service, brother, lip service. She’s just talking, talking, talking…”